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International Training

International Training

As founders we wish you a warm welcome in our midst, where we invite you to attend the launch of our International Systemic Program. This program will be facilitated in an environment that has been created with the highest care possible, both for the participant as well as for the animals.

The main purpose of this program is to guide participants and educate them to engage in the systemic sessions using the presence of horses. The path is a well balanced mix of education, observation and practice.

The Dutch launch of this program leads back to 2004, which has led to succession in 2012, when we extended this program to Brazil. The combination of these two entirely different worlds, appeared to be a strong basis for the international program, which we are proud to present to you.

Recently more and more people have required information, which has motivated us to develop an entirely English version of this successful program.

We have designed an English program of ten (10) days which we offer in our new rebuild facility in the Netherlands, that is also the home of our herd of horses.

To make this more than a program, we decided to add another level of diversity to it. This will make it more of an internalized experience for every attendant. There will be focus and attention to the strengths of possible cultural differences, so each attendant will feel accepted for who they are and strive to be. It goes without saying that exchanging cultural and national experiences will enrich this program even more. We lay this in the trust of our guests. We are looking forward to welcome you.

Ruud Knaapen
Muriël Daal
Mabel de Vries - for translating what is between the lines and the words


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