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Wisdom of the Guarani

In this first workshop we will work with horses during a Guaraní-ceremony called Aty (“to be together”- in Guaraní)

Bringing this Guaraní background always brings the clients and the horses totally in resonance with the Guaraní ancestral memory. This inclusive field motivates the participants to open their themes in a way that they listen with love, elaborated with deep meditation and healing during the ritual.

135 euro, excl. VAT (lunch included)

The price for participating in both workshops is 299 euro excl. VAT. The first workshop on the 24 th of april is an introduction to this ancient knowledge, the second workshop on 26th april is a deepening of this knowledge and is focused on the integration of this knowledge as a facilitator.

Maximum number of participants:
30 participants

Please sent us a short motivation for this workshop